About Us

Sugared Bloom was an inspiration that was born after my own daughter.  The idea derived after realizing that my daughter would be going through some stages that I wanted to try and prepare for.  I know I thought the same thing, how does one prepare for those puberty stages that we often dread.  I think that there are many more resources that are offered today than some few years ago when i was 11, please don’t try and do the math,  which has been easy for myself when I don’t have all the answers.  I have come across so many helpful products and services that have made this journey/transistion less stressful and more exciting.  I think that when equipped with the correct information, products its easier to transition into this oh so fun interesting stage that we oh so know as puberty.  We at Sugared Bloom will also have products that are currently trending, because who wants to be anywhere and pick up the wrong thing that is not so “cool” well not me, I want to bond with my daughter on all levels.  I hope that this blog is helpful for you and your sugared bloom as well.


yours truly,